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No Drills!       No Needles!         No Shots!     No Pain!

No anesthesia injections!

Our Hoya VersaWave® Dental Laser equipment allows us to do many pain free procedures previously done with drill or surgical scalpel, without those instruments, and in many cases without  injections. Perfect for children and adults.


Beyond Laser Whitening

Your smile is important. A Shiny, white, confident smile is the first thing people notice. A whiter, brighter smile is beatiful - it can help you feel better about yourself. Whitening can get your smile looking its best. Non-professional procedures and clinically unproven teeth whitening tips can often lead to unsatisfactory results, you should look for a whitening procedure that is:

Go Wireless

Braces that are wireless, comfortable and invisible.

Invisalign No Brace

At the Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry in Tirana, we use the latest Invisalign invisible brace system for straightening and moving crooked teeth into a perfectly aligned beautiful smile that you will be proud of.


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Tooth Sensitivity

Are Your Teeth Sensitive?

Have you ever gone out on a cold winter morning and actually avoided breathing in for fear of causing tooth pain from the cold air? Or how about sipping coffee so carefully to one side of your mouth just to avoid that one tooth that’s been driving you crazy? Well, you’re not alone. Tooth sensitivity is tooth discomfort in one or more teeth that is triggered by temperature extremes, sugary or sour foods and drinks, are creating pain in your Sensitive Teeth.

Sensitivity teeth treatment made via laser:

Until recently, sensitivity due to gingival recession was treated with fluoride applications but with laser energy, dentin tubules that initiate sensitivity are sealed thus the sensitivity is eliminated.

There are many factors that may lead to the development of tooth sensitivity, including:

Brushing too hard: Over time, brushing too hard or using a hard-bristled toothbrush can wear down enamel and cause the dentin to be exposed.

Acid Reflux Disease: Acid reflux causes erosion of the tooth surface that can lead to sensitivity and even widespread tooth decay.

Dry Mouth: What used to be a common problem among the elderly now affects much of the population who takes any variety of medications.   

Cracked teeth: Chipped or broken teeth may fill with bacteria from plaque and enter the pulp causing inflammation.

Teeth grinding: Grinding (also known as bruxism) or clenching your teeth may wear down the enamel and expose underlying sensitive dentin.  

Mouthwash use: Long-term use of some mouthwashes contain acids that can worsen tooth sensitivity if you have exposed dentin. The acids further damage the dentin layer of the tooth. If you have dentin sensitivity, ask about the use of a neutral fluoride solution.

Acidic foods: Regular consumption of foods with a high acid content, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles, tea and red wine can cause enamel erosion.

Recent routine dental procedures: Sensitivity can occur following teeth cleaning, periodontal therapy, crown placement, and tooth restoration.  

What can I do to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity?

• Maintain good oral hygiene.  
• Use a soft bristled toothbrush. This will result in less toothbrush abrasion to the tooth surface and less irritation to your gums.  
• Use desensitizing toothpaste. There are prescription toothpastes, rinses and custom-made fluoride trays available for sensitive teeth. With regular use you should notice a decrease in sensitivity.
• Watch what you eat. Frequent consumption of highly acid foods can gradually dissolve tooth enamel and lead to dentin exposure.  
• Avoid teeth grinding. If you grind or clench your teeth, use a mouth guard at night.  
• See your dentist at regular intervals. Get professional tooth cleaning, oral hygiene instructions, and fluoride treatments every 6 months.
There are many dental procedures that can help reduce sensitivity, including the use of;
• White fillings and bonding to cover exposed root surfaces
• Fluoride varnishes applied to the exposed root surface
• Dentin sealers applied to the exposed root surface

Vivaneers No-Prep

Vivaneers™ No-Prep Veneers

We Improve Your Smile Permanent, Painless

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more advanced and, in the case of dentistry, less painful. If you dream of having a perfect smile, you’ll be happy to know there is a new, pain-free alternative to help you get a fantastic looking smile, 0.3mm thickness, we make it.


Cosmetic Veneers

Thin Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic Veneers are thin pieces of durable, tooth shaped porcelains that are custom made (for shape and color) by Mustafa Dinc, a professional dental cosmetic esthetician.  They are bonded onto the front of teeth to create beautiful and attractive smile.

Cosmetic Veneers are ideal for teeth that are too small, too big, or have uneven surfaces. It is very common for people to have imperfect teeth, either oddly shaped teeth, chipped teeth, crooked teeth, teeth with small holes in them, or an inappropriate sized tooth or teeth that have an odd appearance.

Dental Implants With Laser

What is a dental implant, and how does it work?

A dental implant is a small "anchor" made of pure titanium. It is inserted into the jawbone to take the place of your missing tooth root. The new tooth looks, feels, and performs just like your natural teeth.


Beyond Dental


Children Dentistry

The best protection for children is prevention.  However, should treatment be necessary, a relationship of trust between parent, child and the dentist is particularly important.